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About Michelle, CD/PCD(DONA), LCCE

For as long as I can remember, I have loved babies and birth. I have always had a deep respect for pregnancy, birth, and the new family unit, but it wasn't until the births of my own children that I realized I might be able to make birth and new family support into a career.

I jumped into birth doula training with DONA International in 2018 and I immediately fell in love with this role. In April 2021 after years of work, I earned my Birth Doula Certification with DONA International! I discovered that I loved teaching about birth as well, so I also pursued training childbirth education - and just  a few months later after 3 days of training, hours of study, and a lengthy exam, earned my Lamaze Childbirth Educator certification. 

As I continued to support families in birth, I noticed how much I also loved supporting them in their first few months as a new family, so I decided it was time to work toward becoming a certified postpartum doula as well! I completed that certification in September, 2021.

As your doula and childbirth educator, I bring a wealth of information and experience to you. I don't bring any agendas with me - only evidence-based information. My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labor, and early parenthood.

I love working with expectant and new families throughout their experience of bringing new life into this beautiful world. I have experience supporting a wide variety of family units and cultural backgrounds and truly enjoy the time I spend with my clients. 


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